Home Sellers’ Questions Answered (a few may surprise you)

I love working with home sellers! It’s such an exciting time for me to be an integral part of their moving on to what’s next for them, whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or moving across the country for a new job! I understand their concerns and it’s my pleasure to work diligently on their behalf.
Today, I’m sharing their answers to their Top 3 Questions…
1) What is most important when preparing my home to get listed?
There are three things that are most important, excluding of course location– because your home will either be in a good location that qualified buyers desire or isn’t- there isn’t anything we can do about that. But the three things sellers can effect are: 1- Light 2- Clean 3- Uncluttered
Light – The #1 thing buyers always mention when entering a home is, ” Oh my, it’s awful dark in here.” And we turn around and walk out the door to see the next home. Yes, everyone wants to walk in and see light. Light has a positive affect on the brain and makes people happy. Additionally, light makes rooms appear larger- another positive. So before showings it’s imperative that sellers throw back any curtain panels, open up the shades and blinds and let the light flow in. Lastly, sellers need to turn on every light in the house.. just like they do in model homes! And, I always also suggest that any ceiling fans be put on the low setting, b/c it also has a positive effect on the prospective buyer’s perception of the home.
Clean & Uncluttered – Did you ever go into a builder’s model home and comment on how clean and clutter-free it was? I know you have! ? Similarly, it’s important that as buyers come through your home that they see it’s well cared for. Presenting it clean, uncluttered and odorless (except for freshly baked brownies or cookies) will give you a leg up on your competition because I promise you, your home will stand out in that buyer’s mind! Keys here include: pack up the “extra” stuff laying around.. less is definitely more! Also, just before listing is a great time to hire a cleaner to do a deep clean including the ceiling fan blades, blinds, and other often overlooked areas, including getting the carpets shampooed. Included also are closets and pantries. You’re moving anyway, so go ahead and pack up 1/2 of the items so that they look bigger and organized! Paying attention to the details will get your home an offer quicker and for more money!
2) How do you determine the list price for my home?
​This answer seems pretty easy, since everyone knows that recently sold homes similar to yours plays a huge part in determining list price because most buyers are getting a mortgage… and mortgage companies require an appraisal that comes in at or above agreed upon contract price, so a price has to be grounded in these facts. ​But in the past few years, the homes that go under contract for full price or over full price, are all priced at what I call the “sweet spot” which is right on value when compared to other homes OR slightly under the sweet spot. Because buyers today are super savvy due to zillow and other websites, they know the value of homes and many buyers will not even go see a home that is considered overpriced because they assume the seller is not serious or won’t negotiate. So to get your home sold for the absolute MOST money, pricing it at or just under the sweet spot is the way to go! In this current market where inventory of homes is low, and the number of qualified buyers is high, a home that is priced right and shows well, is likely to get multiple offers. As a seller this is ideal because then you have two or more buyers “fighting it out” against each other to win your home, which means you’ll get better terms on the contract, including a higher price.
3) When is the best time to sell my home?
​Of course every market is different, but across the board the best time to sell your home and get the highest chance for selling for the most money, is when you list just before the spring market hits. This is due to the law of supply and demand. So many sellers perceive that they need to wait until spring hits the calendar, that those who list before spring will get a jump on the competition and sell before spring even arrives. Believe it or not, the next best time to list is just after Christmas. Why? Again because at that time of year, inventory of homes for sale is usually low, which means qualified buyers who have to move to your area don’t have many options.. so your home will go quickly and usually for top dollar.
How about your questions? Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling … or even investing, give me a shout. Email, text or call, I’m here to help you!

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