Why an Experienced Real Estate Agent is Worth Their Weight in Gold!

If you’ve never purchased a home yourself (or it’s been a number of year since you have), it may seem tempting to “go it alone” – choosing to not hiring a real estate agent guide you through the path to home-ownership.
That would be a B I G mistake!
Because an experienced real estate agent makes her job look so easy, many people underestimate all that she does to best serve her clients.
Here are 3 reasons why hiring a savvy, passionate & experienced real estate professional will save you money, time (and a whole lot of stress):
1. Access to Listings Before They Hit the Market.
Think Zillow is the be-all-end all? Absolutely NOT true! A connected & savvy agent knows her market AND is a trusted colleague of agents in the region and, as a result, she becomes aware of hot properties even BEFORE they hit the market. (That’s particularly important in today’s “seller’s market.”) Don’t trust to a computer what only a person can do expertly.
2. Skilled Negotiation Skills.
Real estate negotiation is an art unto itself. It’s not like any ordinary contract. When you submit an offer you want the guidance of someone who knows the nuances of a transaction. To get the job done. Don’t leave to chance this all-important bid for your dream home!
3. An Eye on the Details (so you don’t have to worry).
In any transaction there are deadlines to meet. If you miss them, it could mean you either lose the house you want or get “stuck” in a house you don’t. Only an experienced agent can ensure you don’t make a bad decision.

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