5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional to List Your Home

A licensed real estate agent can save you not only time but money. Yes, it’s true!
I’m an expert in the neighborhoods I service, which means I know the local market, including home values. I can recommend certain repairs and improvements that will get my clients the most money AND allow their home to sell quicker.
Read on to learn more about the value a real estate professional, like myself, can bring:
1. They know the local market. As alluded to above, I KNOW the local market. I have access to the MLS (i.e., the multi list service) where all pertinent information related to home sales are found. While websites like Zillow and Redfin may
provide a lot of information, only the MLS has detailed historical data going back decades. And only licensed real estate professionals have access to the MLS. In addition, as a real estate professional who is actively engaged with other realtors,
I’m able to learn of properties coming on the market before they hit the MLS, which can be beneficial to buyers looking for that perfect home.
2. They can make your listing stand out in the MLS. Only a licensed real estate agent can list your home in the MLS. And the MLS is where real estate professionals look for homes to show their clients (and they are the ones you want to bring prospective buyers, as opposed to buyers without a real estate agent since they are often bargain-hunting and tend to be difficult to deal with). I specialize in making my listings stand out by writing compelling copy in the description and hiring a professional photographer to be sure that your home’s best features are highlighted.
3. They know the paperwork. The purchase of a home is a big deal! It involves lots of paperwork, including contracts which establish the parties’ obligations and duties. A licensed real estate professional, like myself, is familiar with these documents and can explain what key provisions mean.
4. They are skilled negotiator. An experienced agent, like myself, is well versed in the art of negotiation. During negotiations, I advise my clients as to where to give and where to stand firm, based upon my clients’ needs, timetable, etc. A licensed agent knows to take emotion out of the negotiation, serving the best interest of her client.
5. They ensure a smooth process. An experienced agent will tell you what to expect throughout the sales process, up to the time of settlement. Knowing a professional is managing the transaction gives my clients peace of mind as they enjoy as stress-free a transaction as possible, so they can concentrate on their move and all that the future holds.

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