Georgia Homestead Exemption

If you purchased real estate property in 2018, you are potentially eligibility to file for a homestead exemption. 

What is it? 
A homestead exemption is a discount on your real estate property tax bill for an owner-occupied principal place of residence.

Am I Eligible? 
If the property is your principal place of residence, and you purchased last year (or any year prior), you are likely eligible to file for a homestead exemption with your county’s tax assessor’s office.

How much will it save me?
Savings vary from county-to-county, but if you are eligible, you don’t want to miss the deadline for filing!

The deadline for filing is April 1st of this year, for all counties in Georgia.

The best information regarding filing instructions will come from your county tax assessor’s office.  Below are the websites for the majority of tax assessors in the metro area –

If your tax assessor’s website is not shown in the list above, a google search for your county’s tax assessor should quickly locate the necessary information for filing directions.

Congratulations again on your purchase, and please let us know if you have any questions about homestead exemption filings.


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