Spring Trends: Definitely NOT Your Grandma’s House

Do you follow trends? Sometimes trends “work” with our décor. Other times they just don’t.
Check out what the experts at House Beautiful magazine predict and determine whether you’ll be incorporating any into your home this Spring.
1. Embellishments
The experts say fringing, tufting, tassels and feathers are “in” this season and will add a “handmade” quality to each room.  And we’ll find them on cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and accessories.
2. Geometrics
Geometrics are sure to add interest to any room.  Experts say we’ll see them on everything from wallpaper to art to tiles.  Definitely a bold choice!
3. Houseplants
It seems that the common houseplant is becoming the “must have” for homes this Spring. Plants warm up any space and give that homey feel.  Green plants always work well with a textured piece, like a rug or distressed bookcase.
4. Glittery golds
This Spring gold is definitely “in”!  It evokes an elegant, luxe feel. Add gold to your rooms through little touches, such as door knobs, picture frames and lamp bases.
5. Color “pops”
Bold color pops are being heralded as one of this year’s strongest trends.  So go ahead….go a little wild. This season you can’t go wrong with adding your favorite color in any room in your home!

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