Color Trends 2018

Whether buying or selling (or breathing new life into your home), color trends are an interesting topic.
Here are some thoughts on the latest trends for Summer 2018:
  • From pretty ocean blues to pastel-y pink and cool greens, this summer it’s time to evoke the mood of the season.
  • Behr’s “color of the year” is called In the Moment – with undertones of gray, blue and green, this tone brings a calming effect to any space.
  • Neutral tones will always be a popular choice because they complement almost any other color.
  • Calm neutrals and darker tones tend to set the perfect mood for relaxation in a bedroom space.
  • When choosing color for your home, be mindful of the fact that the color will look different depending on the light coming into the room.
  • Trends will always exist but it’s important to make a space your own (even if your tastes don’t “fit” the latest trend). For example, if you like bold colors, a front door is a great place for a pop of color.

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