Snow Day Fun

With winter upon us (December 21st), thinking about snow day fun seems a natural thought. Here are a few ideas for you & your kids to do on your next ‘snow day’!
Warm Treats? Why not bake up something yummy together & eat picnic style in the family room
Fort anyone?
Get everyone involved and make furniture cushion forts like you did when you were little. Grab blankets, throws and pillows too… & watch the fun happen
Game it!
Stuff socks into balls and set up baskets or paper bags on your living room floor. Whoever gets the most socks in wins.
Treasure Hunt Time.
Hide things throughout your home, then post clues for your kids to find them.
Outdoor Fun:
  • Sledding.
  • Skiing.
  • Snowboarding. 
  • Snow Angels.
  • Ice Skating.
  • Building a Snowman,
  • Building an Igloo.
  • Snowball Fights.
These are just few ideas you can try on your next ‘snow day’. Tell us what you like to do on a snow day. We’d loveeee to hear your ideas!

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