Fun Fall November Activities

November is a FUNNNN month, isn’t it? I mean this is the month when we really dig into Christmas and holiday shopping for our loved ones, enjoy the fall leaves change beautiful colors & we gather around tables to enjoy some good, often homemade traditional foods, and oh yeah, our already tight schedules get even more full. Yikes… This blog is to share Fall Date Ideas. Grab your calendar and write in some 1 on 1 time with your loved one and go out and have FUN!
Fall Hikes are the Perfect Mini-Getaway – There’s nothing like time away from all the noise of everyday life. Go where there’s no cell service and breathtaking views instead. Plan a nearby hike and go escape the everyday in exchange for some one-on-one time and watch how quickly your blood pressure goes down. With the right footwear and jackets, this could be the most fun fall activity!
Get Lost in a Corn Maze & Hayride Away – The Pumpkin Patch isn’t just for kids! This time of year is perfect for snuggling arm in arm while finding your way through a fun corn maze. Don’t cheat to find your way to the end… enjoy every sweet minute. And then when you’ve found your way out, go check out the hayride. Play a search game as you go thru the path. I spy something orange and green….
Road Trip to See Amazing Colors – Fall brings about some amazingly rich colors so why not pack a lunch and hit the road in search of finding the most vivid orange and rust colors you can find. No formal plans, just gas up the car and explore! When you’re hungry, stop and pull out your lunch to eat over a cozy blanket.. and don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage. Take plenty of pics too!

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