5 Reasons You’ll Never Find Your Dream Home

If you (or someone you know) is hoping to find a new home, this blog could make the difference between finding your dream home (& having fun while doing it) OR experiencing frustration and disappointment.
(That may sound a bit dramatic but it’s true!)
Here are 5 reasons you may never find your dream home:
  1. You look for houses before getting pre-approved.
    Many buyers believe they don’t have to talk to a lender until after they’ve found their new home. Unfortunately, the home buying process doesn’t work that way. In fact, getting pre-approved by a lender is Step #1 in finding a new home (and the great news is, pre-approval is simple and can be completed in about 10 minutes). The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a home you later discover you can’t afford.
  2. By the time you find your dream home, it’s already sold.
    Without a professional real estate agent assisting you, your dream home could be sold before you ever see it. An agent often learns of homes coming on the market before they hit the MLS. That means your agent can often get you in to see homes before others even know it’s available. (Timing is critically important in real estate. Sometimes 24 hours – and even a shorter period of time – is all that’s needed to miss out!)
  3. You fail to present a complete offer.
    When preparing an offer on a home you want, it’s very important to make sure your offer is complete (that is, that the offer contain all information a seller needs). A professional real estate agent can explain precisely what’s required in making an offer and be sure to present your offer in the very best light. In addition, an agent knows the right questions to ask the seller or listing agent, to help prepare an offer that the seller will find compelling enough to say “yes” to.
  4. You leave money on the table because you aren’t an expert negotiator.
    A professional real estate agent is experienced in the art of negotiation, which typically translates into money in the bank for you. One mistake many home buyers make is thinking they don’t need an agent when looking at newly built homes. In fact, agents can save buyers money on the purchase price and/or negotiate sweet “extras” (such as upgraded granite countertops, appliances, etc.) into the deal.
  5. You don’t understand the contract.
    A professional real estate agent is well versed not only in the state-approved contract between buyer and seller, but also with terms typically used in builder contracts. An agent will keep track of the all-important deadlines from signed agreement throughout settlement. (If a deadline is missed, you could be in default and/or be forced to take the home “as is” – a position you never want to be in).
 So how can you avoid each of these?
Hire a professional real estate agent. It’s really a no-brainer since it’s the seller (not you) who pays your agent’s commission.
I’d love to be YOUR agent . . . let’s meet for coffee to chat about your dream home “wish-list”!

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